Rich Casino Review

If you’re looking for an online casino that can deliver the same atmosphere you can find a real casino lounge, than Rich Casino is the best place for you. Combining the latest, innovative technology (3D graphics, great sound effects, smooth functioning games) and customizable video and audio settings, Rich Casino offers the complete casino experience that will make you a loyal player.

This online casino also offers attractive graphics and a great variety of games. Plus, Rich Casino is the first online casino to offer the download version of all its games in a Mac compatible version, which you may easily download and play on IMac, MacBook, Air or iPad!

Very generous with its newest players, the casino will credit $15 registering bonus for each new player, followed by an amazing 350% bonus for your first deposit, 250% for your second deposit and 200% for the 3rd one! To raise the stake, all new players enter automatically in a sign-up raffle, with weekly prizes of $1,000. The VIP program will allow you to benefit from some outstanding privileges and exclusive promotions also, with prizes in cash and special gadgets for you!

Extremely careful at each player’s needs, Rich Casino provides a wide range of payment options, available worldwide, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Click2Pay. Since having a smooth and pleasurable experience is a primordial goal, Rich Casino provides 24/7 customer support available for players in need. The staff is friendly and answers occurring issues in a professional manner through direct chat, email, fax or telephone. All in all, with our experience at Rich Casino in mind, we recommend it as one of the best in the industry!

R-Bet Roulette Software

Here’s an exciting opportunity to throw your energy to the spinning wheel. The R-Bet Roulette Software available online has devised a winning strategy that proves to us time and time again that it could make a substantial profit at the roulette table. This is a totally automated software and you don’t have to go for a complex calculation or remember hundreds of sequences. R-Bet does it all for you and adds the advises of where and what to bet. No wonder R-Bet Roulette Software has been receiving so many good reports about this program. It really couldn’t be easier! There are hundreds of people who are using the software to win massive amounts of by money playing roulette and you can be one of them.

With the help of the R-Bet Roulette Software, you can enhance your winning edge, since this system developed after months of research and computation. There are a variety of money making systems on sale, and most are a waste of time. The problem with most is that, they are so complicated that you can’t figure them out. This is the difference between the R-Bet Roulette Software and others of its kind. R-Bet is a guaranteed system totally automated so that you do not have to do any complex calculations or remember hundreds of sequences. R-Bet does it all for you, and simply tells you where, what and when to bet. It really couldn’t be easier!

The self-fashioned money making systems on sale are a complete waste of time. With every trial, it gets all the more frustrating when you realize that the system you have bought is futile. The ones that have potential are so complicated to use that most people cannot figure them out. This is where R-Bet is different you are getting a guaranteed system that has been proven time and time again to work, and it is totally automated you will not have to do any complex calculations or remember hundreds of sequences. R-Bet does it all for you, and simply tells you where, what and when to bet. It really couldn’t be easier!

With a host of non-working casino systems out there, the R-Bet roulette software is designed for amateurs and part-time business seekers at home. You don’t have to necessarily know how to play the game, or need to have visited a casino before. Just enter a single number into the R-Bet software every few minutes, and the rest is done for you! With the help of R-bet, you now know what to bet, where to bet and how much you have won in each session.

The R-Bet Roulette Software does make all your decisions, as well as stores about 2 million results per session, allowing it to amass a huge amount of data on any kind of table you are playing at!

Review of

The largest poker site on Earth,, welcomes residents of most countries in the World. At PokerStars you’ll find more great promotions than at any other poker site! Poker Stars is currently offering players the chance to win free entry into the WSOP, several WPT events, the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT), as well as the European Poker Tour (EPT). You can play for real money or just for fun at Stars, so give it a try today!

Poker Stars has great player support! The site does not have a real-time online support system, but support emails are answered quickly, and large tournaments are closely monitored by support staff. PokerStars is often considered to be the most trusted & best managed online poker room. If you want to test out the poker software you can go to and download it for free and play with play chips. There is constantly large freerolls happening here which are multi table poker tournaments where the buy-in for entry is free (but the tournaments still pay out money).

They are currently working on the beta software for a Mac compatible poker client that will allow Macintosh & Linux users to play poker on line at the site. At there is a wonderful VIP program with daily, weekly & monthly VIP freerolls, and there is often country specific promotional tournaments such as the “German freeroll” I see listed quite often.

When it comes to game selection, PokerStars has an excellent selection of poker games. Being the largest online poker room in the world, always has a huge number of players online, meaning finding a game is easy!

They have limit, pot limit, and no limit Texas Hold em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, Stud, and Stud Hi/Lo. They have a massive amount of Sit & Go’s including heads up, 1 table, 2 table & 3 table tournaments. They have the largest selection of multi table tournaments on the net, with many of them having massive prize pools. Every Sunday for example, PokerStars hosts “The Sunday Million” which is a huge NL poker tournament with a prize pool of $1 million. Limit games range from $0.02/0.04 to $1000/2000 and NL games from $0.01/0.02 to $200/400. Many players test Poker Stars at first by only gambling with play money.

After improving their game for free, many end up making a deposit (depositing is easy at and playing for real money after they read some poker reviews and realize it’s impossible to cheat at the poker site. Some poker players end up at,,, or even which all lead to the correct poker site. When searching for the PokerStars website some poker players (especially drunk ones) will end up at www.pokerstarscom or will accidentally spell the name of the poker site wrong. Again, while register a new account at PokerStars it is very important to use a marketing code to ensure you have the most positive poker experience possible. Continue reading

Reasons why you should consider visiting Canadian online casinos

In the last few years, there was quite a lot of turmoil in both Canada and the United States when it comes to online casinos. A lot of this had to do with the laws and regulations in these two countries concerning online gambling. After looking into the matter a little, I have to say that Canadian players are in a much better position than their US counterparts. Let me explain why I believe this is so.

United States online casinos have been fighting an endless battle for legislation. The same could be said for Canadian casinos as well, but since the offshore operators have been fearing that they could be prosecuted by the United States government, they have decided to restrict access to American players. Canadian players, on the other hand, don’t have this sort of problem, and are accepted in the majority of online casinos in the world.

Most of Canadian based online casinos are located in Kahnawake. This regulator licenses most of the online gambling establishments in Canada since 1999 and has three criteria that all online casinos must meet. First of all, all casinos are available only to individuals who are of legal age (meaning, that they have 19 years or more).  Second, all casinos must ensure that their games have fair odds of wining. And, finally, the third criteria is that all casinos must secure prompt payments for winners.

Kahnawake is land based and located near the city of Montreal, so there is no worry that the service could be disrupted by weather changes, such as storms. Also, being close to a large city, Kahnawake has a suitable amount of bandwidth and can run its on online casino thanks to that fact.

Another advantage that Canadian players have over US players is the fact that they don’t have to pay taxes on their wining. This includes online casinos as well. I am sure that you were frustrated countless times by the fact that you couldn’t cash in all of your wining. Well, visit one of the Canadian online casinos and what you win is what you will get.

It is never a very good idea to fight a battle that you can not win, so the sooner the government in US figures that out and legalize online casinos, the sooner they will see the benefits of that action. I’m sure that they are still not aware of the opportunities that this action can present for them. But, until that happens, American players will look with envy on their neighbors in Canada.

As you can see, Canadian online casinos are a lot better regulated than the US based online casinos. You won’t be running into so many problems and will be able to keep what you win, without having to give a good part of your wining for taxes. Maybe the US online casinos will soon win their battle for legislation, maybe not, but, until that day comes, I would strongly recommend you to play in Canadian online casinos.

Difference Limit No Limit Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem is the most exciting game, which you can learn for few minutes, but you need more time to become the best player. The game is played in every country in the world. Texas Holdem poker players are usually ten in number. One of the players deals the cards and he is called the dealer.

In Limit Texas Holdem there are special limits that players must observe. Before the cards are dealt they can put a bet on the table and this bet is preliminarily determined. For example in $1-2 Texas Holdem, the small blind is $.50, the big blind is $1.00. When players put the blinds, the cards are dealt. Each player gets two cards when the game starts.

In No Limit Texas Holdem there are no limits for betting. Players can wager during the four betting rounds and they can bet different amount of money. Players can stake all their chips in No Limit Texas Holdem. Beginners can play this game, but they must be careful how much money they bet. The most important thing is to learn the hand rankings, probabilities and some fundamental strategies. Good poker players can predict other players’ action. It is easy to learn the rules of Texas Holdem, but it is not so easy to win in this game.

Players prefer to play No Limit Texas Holdem, because there are no limits in the amounts of money they can wager. There is no difference in rules between Limit Texas Holdem and No Limit Texas Holdem. Both games are played with 52 cards. Texas Holdem game can be played in the following variants – No limit, Pot Limit and Limit. In Texas Holdem poker, players follow special rules, related to the hand ranking and the betting structure. The game starts with two cards for every player, which are dealt face down. After each player gets his cards, the first betting round begins. In Limit and No Limit Texas Holdem there also are community cards. These cards are in the middle of the poker table and each player can use them to make the best poker hand. The first three board cards are called the Flop. The fourth and fifth board cards are the Turn and the River respectively.

Players can make combination between their own cards and all the community cards. Their aim is to make the best hand and to win the pot. No matter if the game is limit or no limit, players can make hand with their own pocket card in combination with some of the community cards. Players have many opportunities in this game – they can call, raise, fold depending on the strength of their hands.

If you know how to play Texas Holdem Poker and you are just wondering which one to choose – Limit Texas Holdem or No Limit Texas Holdem, then you have to decide how much you can bet. How much you will raise depends on what is your goal. It is also very important who you are playing against. In Texas Holdem Poker you will see different amounts of money on the table.

When you play Texas Holdem poker, you have the chance to become rich. No Limit Texas Holdem will give you the chance to bet different amounts of money and this is a good advantage. In this game the player, who is the most flexible one, becomes the winner.

Texas Holdem is popular poker game, which demands different skills. Some people think that if they are lucky, they can win, but it is not always possible. No matter how much you bet and how lucky you are, you need to have good math skills, if you want to win in this game. That is not all, the best Texas Holdem players have discipline and very good psychological abilities.

Each player have its own style of playing. Sometimes players win by using good Texas Holdem strategy, but other times they rely on their luck only. If you join No Limit Texas Holdem, it is important to decide how much money you can bet in this game. In this game there are special rules, that beginners must learn before they play the game. Continue reading

Starting Hands that Are Actually Worth Anything

When learning to play online Texas Hold’em it is important as hell that you learn which starting hands are actually worth calling, raising and playing with and which ones should be chucked away before the flop. Whilst the answer varies depending on how many people are playing the poker game here is a general guide to help you get started. These hands are for Fixed Limit Hold’em games.

Be sure to raise with a starting hand of:

Pocket Aces
Pocket Kings
Pocket Queens
Ace / King
Pocket Jacks
Ace / Queen
Pocket Tens

Hands that you should call with:

(Note that these should be called with moderation, one or two bets is fine but anymore is sketchy.)

Ace / Jack
King / Queen
King / Jack
Queen / Jack
Jack / Ten
Ten / Nine
Pocket Nines
Pocket Eights
Pocket Sevens
Ace / Seven

Hopefully this should give you a good idea of what is worth raising and what is worth calling in a fixed limit online Texas Hold’em game. Anything else should be thrown away.

Bingo Bongo

Bingo Bongo offers both 90 & 75 ball bingo games and by joining now you could receive up to a 100% bonus match to your deposit up to £100! You’ll be rewarded as a loyal member by receiving a 50% bonus match on additional deposits of at least £20 and up to a maximum of £50.

Bingo Bongo games begin as low as 10p on up to £1 per bingo card. When you sign up you get 1000 loyalty points worth £1 toward your future bingo cards. You can even try before you buy. Refer your friends and receive 5,000 points per referral! Bingo Bongo will also provide you with loyalty points for each game you play. So, start saving your points.

Looking to win big? Every Wednesday & Friday night at 10pm BingoBongo offers a massive £1,000,000 massive jackpot. Feeling lucky now? Try a hand at one of their several non-bingo games like video poker, slots, and instant win games.

If you’re looking for a fantastic time and a chance to win huge, visit Bingo Bongo now. Go on, see how much you can win!

Everyday there are winners at Bingo Bongo! And, even if you don’t win the Big Jackpot, you have plenty of chances to win other great prizes! Read More

The great thing about Bingo Bongo is that there are plenty of games to win at besides just money games. It’s great to win the cash but, it certainly doesn’t hurt to win some other great prizes like incredible Caribbean Cruises, laptop computers, loyalty points and more!

The 2007 Bingo Bongo Caribbean Cruise is a fantastic prize! Imagine an 8 night cruise with a private “stateroom” on Carnival Cruise’s “Liberty” line? This includes your flights to and from the US, private cocktail part, all meals while onboard, complimentary 24 hour dining and room service, onboard entertainment, and a Buy In for 60 games of Championship Bingo and the chance the win up to $80,000 in cash and prizes! Wow! Take me with you!

When it’s Back To School time, we all know what that means, the kids need more stuff! Well, how about winning a Dell laptop computer with the latest technology! Or, your new laptop for yourself and play Bingo Bongo from anywhere?

Right now, between 4 and 6pm every Monday, Bingo Bongo has an exclusive “Happy Hour” chat game where you can win Double Loyalty Points. No more Monday Blues. And if that’s not enough, grab 3 of your favourite bingo friends and join the “Team Bingo Tournament” to win a staggering 1 Million Loyalty Points which equates to £1000! Not only can you win cash prizes but you’ll have a cracking good time doing it!

Each month here at Online Bingo UK we will strive to provide information on your favourite bingo halls. For more information and to have a chance at winning some fantastic bingo cash, as well as having a great time online, hop on over to Bingo Bongo. Please play responsibly and Good Luck!

Omaha Hi Lo Poker Flops, Turns, and Rivers

Playing Omaha Hi Lo After the Flop

The first thing to know about playing the flop in Omaha hi lo is that you should start thinking about the flop before it’s ever dealt. When you decide to play a hand preflop, you should think about what kind of flop you’d most like to see.

After the flop is dealt, you should look at two things: how well it fits your hole cards, and which hole cards someone else might have that fits the flop better.

A flop with a pair showing means that the best high hand possible is usually four of a kind. (Sometimes a flop with a pair might still give someone a draw to a straight flush though.) A full house might be a good hand in this situation too, and if you have a card of the same rank as the pair on the board, it’s impossible for your opponent to have the quads. You have one of the cards she needs.

A flop with two or three cards of the same suit creates flush possibilities. Can your hand beat a flush?

A flop with two or three cards in rank sequence creates straight possibilities. Can your hand beat a straight?

A flop where all three cards are ranked above eight means that there will be no possible low hand. Can you win with a high hand?

A flop where two or three cards are ranked below eight creates low hand possibilities. Do you have a shot at the low hand?

Combinations of these types of flops happen all the time too. A flop can include a pair and two cards of the same suit too. If you get a flop consisting of the king of hearts, the two of hearts, and the two of spades, then you have a potential flush if you’re holding two hearts. If you have a king or a two in the hole, then you have full house possibilities too.

Getting Quartered

If you’ve lost the high hand, but won the low hand, and another player has won the low hand too, then you’re going to split the low hand half-pot with the player you tied with. That’s called getting quartered. It sucks because even though you won part of the pot, you usually haven’t won as much money as you put into the pot. (It depends on how many players were in the pot. You need four or more players in a quartered pot to break even or come out ahead. And even if you come out slightly ahead, it’s not enough to make you a long term winning player.)

As much as getting quartered sucks, it’s still better than having the second best low hand. If you have the second best low hand, you get nothing, and that’s how a lot of Omaha hi lo players lose a lot of money.

Scooping Pots

When you win both the high hand AND the low hand, then you’re scooping the pot. This is the key to winning at Omaha hi lo. If you’re scooping pots, you’re not getting quartered.

After the Flop

If you follow one general rule playing after the flop in Omaha hi lo, let it be this one: don’t play unless you either have the best possible hand or a draw to the best possible hand. (This can be a draw to the best possible high hand or the best possible low hand, but preferably it’s both.)

Second best hands in Omaha hi lo suck. There are too many card combinations out there to draw to a second best hand and hoping to win a lot of money.

In Texas holdem, you’ll often fold drawing hands because you’re not getting pot odds. But in Omaha hi lo, it often makes sense to continue in a pot if you’re drawing to the nuts. (“The nuts” is the best possible hand.)

If someone raises before you act after the flop, then tighten up and consider folding. Chances are they have A2, so your A3 is probably no good. (This depends on the flop though. If you have A3, and the flop is 245, go ahead and re-raise.) You can assume that someone who raises a flop in an Omaha hi lo game has the best possible high hand, the best possible low hand, or draws to good high or low hands.

The Turn

If you’ve got the best possible hand on the turn, then bet and raise. Be aggressive and get money in the pot. Don’t rely on the other players to bet your hand for you.

On the other hand, if you have the best possible low AND the best possible high hand, you might consider betting and calling to avoid running off the players who might pay you off.

The River

In Texas holdem, hands are usually determined by what happens on the flop. But in Omaha 8, the extra combinations make the river more important. That’s because Omaha hi lo is a game of straights, flushes, and full houses. If you have the best possible high hand on the river, get aggressive. Bet and raise.

On the other hand, if you have the best low hand, you still might get quartered, so you might not bet so aggressively.

Top 5 Online Casino Strategies

There are plenty of online casino games and likewise there are a variety of strategies that go with it. So it must be ensured that whatever game you choose, the strategies are well learnt before actually playing.

There are some online casinos strategies that should be followed no matter which game is selected. These strategies are helpful and can be incorporated in any type of online casino game chosen.

  • Selection of an online casino site: There are a variety of sites to choose from. It is important to choose the one that suits your needs and potential best. This will not only ensure better odds but minimum risks.
  • Develop a game plan: Read up on all possible systems and strategies pertaining to the game you choose. Take your time and don’t hasten. Try understanding them and devising your own game plan. This will help you in the long run. You may not win initially but as you progress you will see success.
  • Select Tables according to the odds: Games like blackjack have different odds for different tables.
  • Set a bankroll limit: This will ensure minimum financial loss.
  • Sporting Attitude: After all, this is just a game. Don’t take it too seriously.

Various types of slots tournaments in UK internet casinos

Tournaments are casino events that attract hundreds people to the gambling sites every day. Every software provider offers its own set of casino tournaments played on various games with different procedure employed. Most UK internet casinos that enjoy popularity among British gamblers offer fascinating tournaments in such games as roulette, video poker, blackjack and certainly online slot machines. Various types of slots tournaments – that’s the main concern of our today article.

To be able to select a suitable event from a wide array of slot tournaments arranged by UK internet casinos, you should have a general idea of various formats of tournaments available nowadays. The simplest and so-called basic format is a buy in tournament. You pay a fixed entry fee that is usually quite tiny and affordable for all the casino guests. This fee is called a buy in. Once you got a buy in, you receive a stack of chips that can be wagered in a certain slot machine within a specified time period. Any player who is willing to participate in the tournament has to follow these fixed rules to guarantee fairness and uniformity of the event.

The main goal of every participant of the buy in tournament is to increase the balance of chips availed or at least to maintain the same amount. If you manage to hold the balance, then your score shows up in the leader board. Prize pool of a slots tournament is usually shared among the top players. For example, top 40 players can get a certain share of the pool or just the first ten participants. If you lose all the chips given to you in the beginning, then you are out of the tournament and cannot claim any prizes. However, to prevent players’ frustration and let them participate in the tournament for a longer time, such thing as a rebuy has been introduced by most casino operators.

To make slots tournaments much more attractive for gamblers, operators offer them an opportunity to take part in the same slot tournament for several times. Therefore, even if all your chips got burned, you can participate in a tournament again by paying a rebuy. To get a rebuy you are usually expected to pay the same fee that you paid for the buy in. After you get a rebuy you enter the tournament as a brand-new player because all your previous scores are erased. There are two basic formats of tournaments with a rebuy. The first format is a tournament where you can get a rebuy as many times as your gambling budget allows you to. The second format is a tournament where you can get a limited number of rebuys. Casino operators usually opt for the limited rebuy tournaments, as they eliminate the advantage of gamblers with huge bankrolls over everybody else.

Add on tournaments are fundamentally different from buy in tournaments. Once your wagering time is up in the add on tournament, you can get an add on to play one more time. The main difference is that your score from the previous time period stands. The more add ons you get, the higher your score will be in the very end. Of course, add on tournaments cannot be unlimited. A number of available add ons is usually strictly fixed by casino operators. To have a chance to be on the top of the leader board, you should make sure that you can afford buying all the add ons offered during the tournament. Numerous add ons tournaments can be found in Microgaming internet casinos.

Cheekybingo Review

The Site

Cheeky Bingo features a girly theme that is very fun and inviting. The site is uncluttered and very easy to maneuver. For newbies, the help tab includes a bingo lingo glossary for table talk abbreviations that can sometimes overwhelm. It is sure to make players feel right in the house. A little snooping in Cheeky’s diary will reveal dates for regular plays as well as special bonus days, top events and promotions. Community tab shows roomie of the month, cheeky charity, and weekly winners. Check out the prizes they have given away!

Free Bingo

Unlike other bingo online sites, everyone is a winner at Cheeky Bingo. Just by signing up, anyone can play for free and win in one of the six free bingo rooms that players can try. Their Big Freebie room showcases a £50 jackpot for the taking, without spending a penny. Players can try big games without having to buy a single ticket. Simply referring friends to sign up earns 5,000 Cheeky Points. These points can be cashed in to buy cards that can be used to play bingo in their 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p rooms. Cheeky Points are also earned for each ticket bought.

Starter Bonuses

Triple your money up to £100 with a minimum first deposit of £5 that gives you access to everything Cheeky Bingo has to offer. Initial £5 deposit instantly gets a whopping 200% bonus. To keep the fun rolling there is a 50% bonus for all succeeding deposits made. On Special Bonus Days, Cheekies get a special deposit bonus of up to 200%! With their paid games starting at just 1p per ticket, returns definitely look very handsome.

Jackpots over £100,000 Every Month Guaranteed

To inspire, Little Miss Cheeky gives away £25,000 in guaranteed jackpots every week. Cash Crazy games like Friday Frenzy wins £2,500 for only 25p. The daily delight jackpot is £250, drawn everyday for just 10p. The Monthly Monster jackpot is £5,000 for just 25p that is available every last Saturday of the month. There is also a special £10,000 jackpot at stake on the Whopper.


Enjoy over 750 free games all day everyday. In 75 ball, the first to complete each pattern wins. In 90 ball bingo, players get 3 chances of winning where the biggest winner is the first to complete the entire card otherwise known as the “Full House” winner. Progressive jackpot games include Shamen’s Dream, Fluffy Favourites and White Wizard with the mega jackpot going up to a whopping £50,000. High Five Bingo is a 5-round 75 ball game with 5 chances of winning. Cheeky also hosts spice up chat rooms with games like “You’re My Sweetie”, “Cheeky Grin”, “Be My Friend” and “Slides and Swings”. There are always many new fabulous instant win games to keep everyone excited. Players can get updates on all the latest promotions, offers and exclusive deals available by becoming Cheeky fans on Facebook.

32 Red Casino Review

32 Red is the British gambling operator established back in 2002. As most other major operators in the United Kingdom, 32 Red offers several betting options such as online casino, games arcade, mobile casino, poker, rummy, online bingo and sports betting. In this article we are going to review 32Red Casino that has been titled the ‘Best Casino’ six times already. Does 32Red actually deserve such a honourable name? Let’s find out!

First Impression

Red is a colour of love and passion. If you consider red to be your lucky colour, then 32Red Casino is a perfect gambling destination for you. Once you enter the website you will see the motto of 32 Red that says ‘Second to None’. You will also see buttons that allow you to either download casino software or enter the instant play version. Navigation menu is located in the bottom left corner. There you will find links to the beginners guide, 24/7 support, banking, casino promotions, online casino games, casino news, responsible gaming and other sections of 32 Red Casino. A table with yesterday’s top winners and last month’s top winners is displayed to the right.

Casino Software

32Red Casino is working on the software platform developed by Microgaming. Microgaming doesn’t require introduction in the gambling world as it was one of the originators of first internet casino games ever.

Having registered at 32Red Casino, you will be able to enjoy over 350 games with amazing graphics and audiovisual effects. Among them are numerous variations of ever-popular blackjack, baccarat, video poker, roulette, over 250 slot machines and other games. Microgaming Viper software is also famous for its network of progressive jackpots including the generous Mega Moolah jackpot.

Casino promotions

32Red Casino works hard to offer British gamblers the most terrific casino promotions. First of all, any newly-registered player is eligible for a generous welcome bonus of £32 for every £20 deposited. You can get up to £160 for free! 32 Red Casino Loyalty Scheme allows you to return money from every bet you make in 32Red Casino. You earn 1 red ruby per 10 chips wagered. These red rubies are equal to casino bonuses and can be withdrawn after you meet 30x playthrough requirement.

Besides such basic bonuses, 32Red Casino holds special promotions on regular basis. For example, there are promos dated to Christmas, Easter Weekend, Halloween and so on.

Casino Banking

When you play in UK online casinos for real money, you should select a suitable deposit method. 32Red Casino offers a broad selection of quick and convenient payment solutions starting with credit cards ( Mastercard and Visa), debit cards( Maestro and Solo) and ending with e-wallets (Neteller, Moneybookers, 1-Pay Neteller, Eco Card) and prepaid cards. If you have a PayPal account, then you can also transfer funds from your credit card through PayPal that is one of the favourite deposit methods among British gamblers.

As for the currencies that you can use to make a deposit in 32Red Casino, it accepts euro, sterling, dollar ( US, Australian, Canadian) and Japanese Jen.


32Red Casino is a great gambling destination for European players that accepts a wide range of different currencies. Quality Viper software by Microgaming consists of over 350 games with new games created quite frequently. Our verdict: 32Red Casino is a reliable and professional casino that enjoys a superb reputation among European players. 9,5 out of 10 points.

Disadvantages of Offline Casinos

There are some people who claim that playing online in a casino can never be as good as playing in a real casino. This could be the case for some people and there will be no changing their minds. However, there are a lot of disadvantages of playing in an off line casino as well.

Some people live nowhere near a casino. This means they may never or very rarely get the opportunity to use one. They may wish that they had more opportunity to play.

Casinos have restricted opening hours in most places. There are some that are open all of the time, but most of them do not open all of the time so you can only play at certain times.

The atmosphere can be good in a casino, but some people do not like the noise and the amount of people there. They would rather play on their own, at home where it is peaceful. They may prefer being more private as in a casino you may find that people watch you to see how you are progressing. This could be felt to be intrusive by some people.

If you like playing poker, where you are against other people, but do not have a good poker face, then you may be better off playing online. You can hide your feeling behind the computer screen and do not need to worry.

It can be harder to keep an eye on how much you have spent when playing off line. You can lose count of the amount of times you hand your card over and get cash or chips and this can be dangerous. Playing offline, you can check your bank balance online, if you have that facility and also just credit a certain amount to your account, you could just put in what you could afford and stop there.

You can always try mobile betting as well. Playing casino games on your phone has never been easier.

Online Casino

There is great excitement to play casino games. Internet casinos provide realistic playing experience to play casino game at home. Lots of people enjoy playing UK casino games on online casino sites. There is lots of exciting games offer on Internet casino sites.

Online casino gambling sites offers two types of casino games: Instant play or quick play casino games and downloadable casino software games. In quick play, player can play casino games instantly on Internet. In downloadable casino games, player has to download software and Install. Then player can able to play casino games. Many free casino sites offer best quality casino softwares to play casino games on Internet and feel the real playing experience.

Internet casino like bingo games websites offers online slot machine, Internet poker, UK bingo, roulette, craps, blackjack, baccarat, keno, and many other exciting casino games for gambling lovers and fans. They also offer free bonuses and high cash payouts. They offer large cash prizes and progressive jackpots.

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Am I Addicted to Gambling?

There are people that get addicted to gambling. All addictions are defined by someone having a need to partake in an activity in order to feel normal. This can be associated with anything but is often thought of in the context of drinking and smoking.

If you are asking yourself the question, then it would suggest that you have a reason to think that perhaps you might be. Think about why you are wondering this.

If you gamble a lot, then this may not be an addiction, it may just be something that you like doing and so do it often. You might want to cut down the amount of time that you do it, just to see how you get on and if you find that you miss it a lot, then perhaps you might want to think again as to whether it might be an addiction.

Most addictions are noticed by friends and family before the person themselves. This means that you may be able to find out by asking them if they are concerned. They may not know you gamble, as it is easy to do it in private but ask if they have noticed any differences in your behaviour. Also think about whether you have been putting off doing things or buying things because you want to spend the time and money gambling.

If you have real concerns then it could be worth visiting your GP. They will be able to direct you to where to go to get help and this could be the step that you need to get over the problem. It can be a very difficult habit to break, especially as it is so easy to gamble online, but it can be done and there is help out there.

What Happens if You Have a Run of Bad Luck in the Casino?

It can be really frustrating when you are playing in the casino and you just cannot seem to win at anything. You can start to feel more and more down about the whole thing and just not enjoy yourself.

Casinos should be about fun. There is a never a guarantee that you win games when you play them and you should aim to have fun while playing and not get down when you lose. However, it is natural to feel happier when you are winning. This is true for all games, even ones without prizes.

Some people react to a run of bad luck by playing more. They think that they will eventually break the cycle and have a big win, having not won much that day. This is not a good attitude to have though because it may not work. You will get tired and frustrated and this could lead to you losing concentration. Without concentrating properly you could make silly mistakes and then be less likely to win still.

So if you are having a spell of bad luck, then it is probably sensible to have a break. Do something else for a while or just stop gambling for that day. Get some fresh air, a drink or something to eat and go somewhere else. You should find that if you refresh yourself you will be better able to play the game well.

It is actually worth making sure that you are alert and in the right frame of mind to play, each time you play. If you are not then you could just end up losing a lot of money and that will not be much fun. Even simple casino games take an element of thought, none are purely luck and so you will need to have your wits about you.

Which Can Be The Best Online Bingo Game For You?

Different types of bingo games are available in the halls and on the websites. Though the basic rules are same, the number of balls and the proposed shapes may vary in different games. An online bingo game can be suitable for you as you will be able to play the game from your home environment. Choose those sites where you will get the bingo games that you know well. You will get the playing instructions on those sites, read the instructions properly.

To play bingo online for free you can choose any of the sites which are offering free games. You just need a computer with necessary software and an internet connection to play the games. You may need to register there to play the games. If so, then register there. Some sites may ask to provide your financial information before starting to play the free games. You can avoid such sites. You will get many sites which are offering free games without asking for financial information. As you can play the games for free, play all the available games before choosing the best online bingo game for you.

The players who want to play bingo online for money should be more cautious about choosing the bingo game and the site. Choosing a reputable site can be a good solution in this case. The players who have played games on the sites have become experienced on the sites. You can know their comments about the site from online bingo reviews. If most of the players left good comments about the site, then the site can be reliable. It will be better if you can find out a known person who has played on the site successfully. As you will have to upload money on that site by providing your credit card information or bank account details, it is very much necessary that the site should be genuine enough.

Same thing should be considered if you want to get any online bingo deposit bonus from a bingo site. You will get the bonus after depositing money on that site. Just not only that you will deposit money but also you may have to follow more instructions to become eligible to get the bonuses. If you are ready to accept the terms and conditions then such a site can be a suitable place where you can get the best bingo game for you.

5 Expert Tips For Roulette

If you’re a newcomer to the online gambling scene, or gambling as a whole, you might want to follow a few guidelines in the beginning and avoid any unnecessary losses.

These are simple steps thought up by gambling vets that will keep you from making any stupid mistakes and will give a better chance of making a quick buck!

1.  Get to know the game.

Knowledge is power, and nothing can be more true than with the roulette. Make sure you’re familiar with all of the game mechanics in a deep way. There’s more to roulette than just pick a number and let it spin. It may not be the most complicated of games, but there is still a lot to be familiar with before you start spending your money.

2. Play simply.

Don’t try any elaborate betting systems that you learned from they guy at the elevator, at least in the beginning. Stick to the basics when you start so that when you do start trying out betting systems, you’ll have a better idea of what you’re doing and what the potential loss can be.

3. Take losing streaks lightly.

It’s a bummer, but it’s part of life. If you’re on a losing streak, take a break, take a nap. Anything to clear up your mind. Forcing yourself to sit at the table will usually result in some stupid moves on your part in attempts to regain your losses.

4. Stay away from fishy-looking online casinos.

Research the casino before you start depositing money and avoid being a victim of a shady operation. An online casino with a lot of positive press is the way to go.

5. Set a Loss/Win limit.

This limit will make sure you don’t lose too much, and guaranty your desired profit. Not having a limit is a dangerous way of playing because if constantly put your money on the line, the chances of being profitable get smaller. With a limit, you don’t lose too much, but you get to win what you have hoped for.

These tips are just the beginning – there’s a lot more to learn, but they are what many players need in the beginning of their way.

How To Get Best Online Bingo Bonuses

Sites offer different bonuses to compete against other relevant sites. Some sites may offer you 2000% bonuses. If you rush to that site just after viewing the offer, you may become fool very soon by viewing that the bonus is not withdraw-able. Some sites may offer only 10 dollar or 20 dollar bonuses which are withdraw-able. Which one is the best? Certainly most of the players will prefer the later sites. Hence, to get best online bingo bonuses you should read all the relevant instructions provided on the sites.

The bonuses can make your gaming experience more interesting. All of the sites want that you play on their sites. To attract you, different types of bingo bonuses are there. Some sites provide the list of the bingo sites including the bonuses provided by the sites; these lists may help you to find out a suitable site which is offering bingo bonus online. What type of bonuses will be suitable for you depends on how you want to play. If you like playing with money, then withdraw-able cash bonuses can be good for you; but if you like playing more free games; then higher percentage bonuses are preferable. A form of bonus is the free bingo bonus codes. In these bonuses, you will get certain codes to enter into the specified boxes of the sites. After entering the perfect code you will become eligible to get the bonus.

There are deposit bonuses and non-deposit bonuses. To get the deposit bonuses you will have to upload a certain amount on those sites. You may get the bonus each time you upload the money. Maximum cautions should be applied before considering such bonuses. You must have to enter your financial information to that site to upload money. You should be cent percent sure about the site before performing such uploads. To entertain yourself with online bingo with no deposit bonus, you will have to complete the steps provided by the sites. It does not mean that the site will not ask you for your financial information. Still the site may ask you to provide your financial information. So be careful. However, some of the sites offer the bonuses only for online bingo promotions.

If you can be cautious enough by considering all the above things, then you can proceed to the registration processes. After successfully completing the registration process, you can start to enjoy bingo with free bonus facilities.

Does Personality Affect Gambling Style?

It may seem strange talking about gambling style but there are different types. They can really be mainly split in to high risk and low risk. A high risk gambler will be happy to risk a lot of money for a big win, whereas a low risk gambler will only play small amounts even if it means sacrificing the chance to win a big jackpot.

Whether you are high or low risk will depend on your personality. If you gamble with low risk, then it means that you only take small risks in life generally. You will prefer to give yourself the best chance of a positive result, but would prefer a small reward for that than taking a lower chance at something with a bigger prize at stake. If you like high risks when gambling, it is likely that you always like high risks in life. This means that you will be willing to take a chance on something, if you think it could have a positive outcome, even if there is a chance that it may not.

If you are a big risk taker, then you should bear this in mind when you are gambling. Think about how you will need to limit the amount of money you gamble as you may be prone to spending more than you can afford. You may want to spend a lot of money on each game, but this could mean your budget will disappear very quickly and so you need to be prepared for that.

If you are a low risk taker then you need to consider whether you are actually having fun. If you are constantly worried about the cost of what you are doing, then it could be better to not play for money. You can play casino games for free online and even some big casinos let you have a few free goes sometimes. You may find it better to set yourself a budget and then stick to that. You can relax then, knowing that you are not spending more than you can afford, but you can still have fun. If this does not work, then try spending even less or paying games which cost less money to play.